Asbestos Management in Warrington

Asbestos Management in WarringtonYou may wonder how asbestos management in Warrington is even possible.How do you manage a deadly substance that can be unknowingly inhaled and embedded in your lungs; especially when it could take twenty years to make its presence known by destroying your health? The answer is you let professionals manage asbestos in your building. Asbestos Associated has many years of experience, training and education in the management of asbestos so we know how to keep ourselves safe while insuring the safety of building occupants. As an industry, we have learned a lot about asbestos over the last twenty-five to thirty years including recognising the threat and safely eliminating and disposing of the carcinogenic material.

At Asbestos Associated,  we start with a survey of your building to detect the presence of asbestos. For some in Warrington, asbestos management means nothing more; just a survey that shows there is no asbestos. For others, the survey may show the presence of contained asbestos that poses no threat. Managing it means keeping an eye on it but not disturbing it. When our survey shows the presence of asbestos that is not contained but damaged with loose particles it must be removed. We manage that with our professional team that is trained and equipped to safely seal off the dangerous area and remove the harmful asbestos. Nobody should undertake asbestos removal that is not licensed and equipped with the safety equipment to extract the asbestos while protecting the surrounding environment. You would be risking your own health and that of everybody nearby.

Our environmental agency has set standards for asbestos management in Warrington along with removal and disposal. When we put on our safety suits and remove asbestos it has to go into sealed bags made specifically for that purpose. The sealed bags are removed to a sealed transport vehicle which takes the bags to a designated landfill specifically for hazardous materials and safely secured. Contact Asbestos Associated to conduct the survey and make the appropriate recommendation for the management of asbestos found on your site. After particle testing, if removal is necessary, we will leave your environment clean and safe.