Asbestos Testing in Winwick, Thorough, Professional and Affordable

Asbestos Testing in WinwickAvoid the risks of asbestos exposure on your premises with asbestos testing in Winwick. Asbestos is a dangerous substance. When disturbed, asbestos particles break into small fibres that are invisible to the naked eye and become airborne. Once inhaled into the lungs these fibres become harmful and can cause lasting damage to your health. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to asbestos fibres can cause respiratory illnesses and some forms of cancer. Due to these health risks, the use of asbestos in the UK was banned in 1999. Asbestos testing enables experts to identify, remove and dispose of any traces of asbestos to limit the public’s exposure to the substance.

Make every effort to keep your family and community safe from asbestos exposure. In Winwick, our asbestos testing team is highly skilled and trained. We collect samples of any suspected asbestos-containing materials and provide test results within a very short period. With vast experience and knowledge, we guarantee affordable and reliable services. Our team of experts can remove any material suspected to contain asbestos and have them tested in a private approved laboratory. We ensure high safety and health standards to keep you and your family protected.

Our asbestos testing in Winwick follows the latest procedures and most stringent protocols in the industry. We also specialize in offering other asbestos-related services. We provide removal, disposal and asbestos surveys. We remove any asbestos-containing materials from a building following the HSE Code of Practice. Contact Asbestos Associated today if you need asbestos testing on your property. We offer an asbestos survey which is essential if you have any plans for demolishing or renovating a building.  As such, we provide two main types of asbestos surveys to building owners. These surveys are referred to as the management survey and the refurb or demolition survey. The purpose of the management survey is to manage any asbestos-containing materials during the regular use and occupation of the building.