Safe Asbestos Removal in Wirral, Completed by Experts

Asbestos Removal in WirralSafe asbestos removal in Wirral is crucial to protecting your life and health. You may suspect or discover the presence of asbestos on your property. This poses a safety threat to all those who occupy, work in or visit the premises. When it is left undisturbed, asbestos may not be risky. However, if you’re undertaking renovation, repairs, new builds or cleaning, it’s important to identify, assess and locate asbestos correctly. We provide a one-stop service for testing, survey, removal and disposal of asbestos. Our team has the necessary skills, experience, qualifications and licenses to complete the job perfectly. There are several regulations imposed by the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that safety precautions are followed at every step.

For businesses in Wirral, asbestos removal needs to be contained within a limited area. The fibres are fine enough to enter your lungs, heart and abdomen. They lodge there, causing various diseases. Exposure to asbestos, whether short or long, can lead to a range of issues. People may develop allergies, respiratory problems or even cancer. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is directly caused by exposure to asbestos. While handling or disposing of asbestos, it’s important that only trained and experienced professionals work on the job. This is certainly not the job for an untrained DIY enthusiast. We have the right equipment, protective clothing, and expertise. This helps to contain the amount of exposure and keep the surroundings safe.

Today, safer alternatives, product bans and regulations help to limit the risk during asbestos removal in Wirral. The real issue is with older buildings. Asbestos may be present in different forms, such as paint, coatings, false ceilings and partitions, flooring, fire-proof screens, cisterns, electrical fittings and more. Asbestos was valued as an insulation material because it doesn’t conduct heat or electricity. Only in the 1970s did it become clear that this material was dangerous to life. It is important to accurately identify and evaluate the asbestos present before the removal can be done. For more details about our asbestos removal service, contact Asbestos Associated. We thoroughly clean and wipe down the area once the work is done, so that loose fibres don’t float up and endanger you.