Asbestos Survey in Stretton – Complete Professionalism and Safety

asbestos survey in StrettonAn asbestos survey in Stretton is an essential step for the safety of the occupants of your old building. While the use of asbestos in construction materials is banned, there are still very many buildings that some form of asbestos in their structure. Asbestos was widely used as a ‘wonder’ material in the past for its many excellent properties. However, it was found that exposure to asbestos fibres caused deadly disease, the symptoms of which only manifest later in life. In order to control and manage asbestos within a building, an asbestos survey is both necessary and required by law. If you have an old building, speak to our professionals about a comprehensive asbestos survey.

There are two types of asbestos surveys. In Stretton, an asbestos survey that is more popular is the management survey. This serves to locate any asbestos-containing materials as well as their condition. The second asbestos survey is called a refurb/demo survey. This survey is a requirement before any renovations or demolition work takes place on your building. If you need assistance with an asbestos survey, our professional team is available to assist. We take asbestos seriously. Hence, our asbestos surveys are safe and completed to the required guidelines. Our team of surveyors have many years of experience, and have the necessary skill and training.

An asbestos survey in Stretton is an essential first step towards the safety of your building. It also means that you will be legally compliant. Furthermore, the management survey provides the necessary information to compile an effective management plan. This plan is also a legal requirement. For professional assistance and a safe asbestos survey, contact Asbestos Associated today. You’ll also find that our prices are competitive. Above all, our asbestos surveys are both professional and safe. Along with professional asbestos surveys, we can provide asbestos removal, asbestos disposal and asbestos testing services. Furthermore, we are 100% committed to safety, professionalism, and to our clients and each other. You can depend on our experts for a professional, reliable asbestos survey for your building.