Healthier Surroundings after an Asbestos Survey in Warrington

Asbestos Survey in Warrington An asbestos survey in Warrington is highly recommended as people become more and more concerned about their health. Did you know that disturbed materials containing asbestos release fibres, which when inhaled, can cause serious diseases which develop slowly? Asbestos is found in cement pipes used for water transport for instance, as well as cement roofing tiles. Asbestos Associated are an asbestos removal company whose aim it is to create healthy surroundings for homeowners and businesses. This expert team offers a complete service – from initial particle testing to safe removal and disposal. Their mission is to remove asbestos with as little disruption as possible to their clients.

In Warrington, asbestos surveys done by Asbestos Associated have extended to the management of and pre-refurb or pre-demolition surveys. Asbestos Associated have done work with many companies. A thorough survey of materials is carried out before demolition or destructive work. This is to prevent the uncontrolled spread of asbestos material. Clients can always rely on a full report of their findings as well as an assessment of the potential hazards that existed. Once a survey has been completed a Register showing the types of asbestos and its risk categories will be drawn up. Asbestos surveys are actually a legal requirement. In fact all non-domestic properties which were built before 1999 need an Asbestos Register in place. This needs to detail the extent of asbestos material found on the premises and the action taken to manage the asbestos material safely.

An asbestos survey in Warrington is all in a day’s work with Asbestos Associated. Buildings need to comply with current legislation on asbestos management and they carry out asbestos surveys. Where asbestos is identified with the survey, a written plan needs to be formulated as to how the material will be managed. The Asbestos Associated team is committed to providing excellent asbestos survey services to their clients and the positive feedback they receive from their clients is proof of the professional and experienced work they do. If you require more information for an asbestos survey, contact Asbestos Associated.